Originals by Randi - Unique Gifts for Your Special Occasions!
Originals by Randi Catering 
 Sit back and relax and we will do all the work!  Our goal is to help you create a personalized menu which reflects your own style and individuality.   Let us help you plan your menu selections to make your event original
 Create your own party! Just pick up and serve.

All-time favorite
Poppy Seed Ham Rolls                         $12/dozen        A dozen Swiss cheese and ham rolls, rich with butter and Poppy seeds.  Freeze until ready to use.

Hot Creamy Crabmeat Dip                                   $45/qt              Delicious back fin crab meat in a warm and creamy sauce.          

Cheesy Sausage Dip                                              $35/2 qt.
Warm and cheesy, sausage dip.  Serve with Chips
Beer Cheese Ball                                                   $10.00
Tangy cheddar cheese with hints of garlic and red pepper.
Chicken Salad                                                         $10.00/lb
Fresh homemade Chicken Salad.
Chocolate Truffles                                                 $12/2 dozen
Decadent Hand rolled chocolate truffles, dipped in white chocolate

Pineapple Cheeseball                                                             $10 each

For Delivery
Food Platters for Funerals

We call prior to delivery to make sure someone is there to receive the food and handle it accordingly to prevent spoilage.  Food items are not left unattended.

Serve 10-12
Cheesy Potato Casserole-21.95
Carrot Soufflé-21.95
Sweet Potato Casserole-21.95
String Bean Casserole-18.95
Creamy Macaroni and Cheese-18.95

Mini Sandwich Platter

Mini sandwiches on assorted breads
Pimento Cheese
Chicken Salad
Ham Salad
Medium  48 mini sandwiches                            39.95
Large          92 Mini Sandwiches                                69.95
Fresh Vegetable Tray
Served with Ranch Dip
Medium                        35.00
Large                             49.95
Cheese and Fruit
Perfect for Nibbling
Green and/or Red Grapes
Medium                        35.00

Chicken Salad    10.00/lb
Potato Salad $6.00/lb

Please order at least 3 days in advance.  Additional items are available!
Weddings, Dinners, Parties, Luncheons
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